Paid Ads Shopify Profit Calculator

Welcome to the Store Mastery Profit Simulator.

This tool is designed specifically for ecommerce beginners to help you understand the basics of advertising campaigns and their profitability.

When starting out with your ecommerce business, it can be difficult to understand how the various factors like product cost, selling price, ad impressions, click costs, and conversion rates can impact the profitability of your ad campaigns. That’s exactly where this simulator comes in.

With this tool, you can input your product details, costs, selling price, and estimated ad performance metrics to simulate the profitability of your campaign. The simulator allows you to adjust the click and conversion rates using sliders, giving you an intuitive understanding of how these factors can affect your bottom line.

Some of the industry averages have been entered as a baseline. You can change any of these as you see fit. Please bear in mind that every campaign will vary and this tool is designed to teach you the many factors that affect profitability of your ads.

Play with the numbers and experiment but try to be realistic at the same time.

  • Product Name: The name of your product.
  • Cost: The cost to produce one unit of your product.
  • Selling Price: The price at which you’re planning to sell the product.
  • Traffic Source: The platform where you intend to run your ad campaign.
  • Ad Impressions: The estimated number of times your ad will be shown.
  • Cost per Click: The estimated amount you’ll pay each time someone clicks your ad.
  • Click Ratio: The estimated percentage of people who see your ad that will actually click on it.
  • Sales Conversion Ratio: The estimated percentage of people who click on your ad that will make a purchase.

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