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– a curated list of thematic occasions, holidays, and events designed to inspire and guide ecommerce entrepreneurs in their marketing journey.

This tool aims to spark creativity, providing timely reminders of meaningful dates that you can leverage in your promotional campaigns. Each event includes insights on potential product offers and marketing messages to help you connect more deeply with your customers.

Use this calendar to plan ahead, capitalize on relevant moments, and drive engagement throughout the year.

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World Environment Day

Event: World Environment Day Date: June 5, 2024 Selling Period: 1 week Description: World Environment Day is an annual event dedicated to raising awareness about environmental issues and promoting actions to protect our environment. Businesses can participate in this global cause by offering eco-friendly products, services, or promotions that encourage sustainability and environmental conservation. Selling...

National Best Friends Day

Event: National Best Friends DayDate: June 8, 2024Selling Period: 1 week Description: National Best Friends Day is a day to celebrate and appreciate the role of best friends in our lives. This presents a unique opportunity for businesses to create special deals, offers, and products targeted towards the celebration of friendship. Selling Period (June 4,...