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Best Practice for naming URL for SEO and Indexing

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Anyone have good advice on naming collection and product URLs for SEO optimization? I keep wanting to use long-tail titles rather than shorter one word URLS but I don't know which is the best way to approach this. If anyone has a best practice can you comment?
Edit: Not talking about length or the technical nature of URLs. I am asking about the CONTENT of the URLs. For instance, my site offers a specific type of product and that specification applies to every product. Do I mention this feature of the product in every URL or will that be not advised?
For instance: If I offer customized jewelry, do I write each URL as /customized-heart-shaped-diamond ring or just /heart-shaped-diamond ring. Does the word "customized" in 500 URLS help or hurt SEO/indexing? Is Google smart enough to recognize that all products are customized from other SEO cues or not?