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[Closed] Developers -READ FIRST!

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For Shopify Developers Responding to Advertisements

Everyone is welcome to respond the advertisement however we do expect a minimum standard of behaviour.

Please act in a professional manner at all times when dealing with clients.

Do not respond with "yes i can do that, whatsapp xxxxx"

You should use the template below.

Simply copy the template and fill in the blanks with your information

Any replies not using the template will be deleted

<- Template start ->

Title: [Include the job title you are responding to]

[Introduce yourself and briefly mention your experience as a Shopify developer. Discuss the project or job request in hand and clarify that you understand the request.]

[List any questions you have about the job or project request. If you have more questions list your questions here]

  • Question 1
  • Question 2
  • question 3

Why Choose Me as Your Shopify Developer?

  • Point 1: [Highlight a key strength or skill]
  • Point 2: [Mention a specific area of expertise]
  • Point 3: [Emphasize your problem-solving ability]
  • Point 4: [Discuss your approach to projects]
  • Point 5: [Explain your commitment to responsive design and compatibility]
  • Point 6: [Highlight your communication style]

My Services Include:

  • Service 1: [Describe a specific service you offer]
  • Service 2: [List another service or skill]
  • Service 3: [Mention an additional service or specialization]
  • Service 4: [Add another service or expertise]
  • Service 5: [Include details about support and maintenance]

Get in touch

[Invite potential clients to get in touch with you and provide your contact information]

  • Email: [Your Email]
  • Social profile: [profile URL]
  • Portfolio: [Your Portfolio URL]

<- template end ->

That's it, do not add any more information

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